Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Holiday Gifts for NFL Coaches

For newcomers to the site, the Last and Ten is a semi-regular feature that often appears in the left margin. It's a David Letterman ripoff, sure, but it is sometimes worth a cheap laugh. So without further ado, the Last and Ten holiday gifts for those hard to buy for coaches.

10. Bill Belicheck: A Nordstrom Card and a tailor.
9. Mike Tice: A Life Vest.
8. Bill Parcells: A man bra (or bro).
7. Dom Capers: An OJ-like running back.
6. Norv Turner: A facial.
5. Andy Reid: A wide receiver who won't quit and a quarterabck that does not get tired.
4. Mike Martz: Some heart.
3. Tony Dungy: A personality more lively than Terry Schiavo
2. Jim Hasslet: To remove the dead from the SuperDome, including Aaron Brooks' career.
1. Gunther Cunningham: Some class.

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