Thursday, October 13, 2005


Last and Ten Reasons Terrell Owens was at the Falcons game on Saturday.

10. Wanted to make sure the Georgia Dome could house his enormous ego before requesting a trade.
9. Went almost 10 hours without being on television.
8. Wanted to make sure Mike Vick did not get tired during the fourth quarter.
7. Teamed with OJ and Richard Jewel to find the real Olympic Park bomber.
6. Looking for a new house. Heard he could get a deal on Andre Rison’s old place.
5. Ray Lewis told him about a "killer" club.
4. End Zone dance lessons from Billy "White Shoes" Johnson.
3. Pilgrimage to pay homage to the NFL’s greatest media whore, Deion Sanders.
2. Heard great things about this new Falcons quarterback, Ron Mexico.
1. On a promotional tour for new workout video, Driveway Abs.

Close but no sharpie (submitted by Mike Two Beers.): Scouting Falcons uniform to make sure he could hide his sharpie. The freeway from New Jersey to Atlanta is trouble some. The kickass chicken nachos! Wanted to scout Mike Vick to see if he could outrun him in a in-game bitch fest. Was tired of doing situps in his driveway. Wanted to make sure that Peerless Price was no Freddie Mitchel.

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