Thursday, October 13, 2005


Last and Ten Rafael Palmeiro excuses for taking steroids

10. Viagra helped the wrong "bat" if you know what I mean.
9. Oh, I thought you meant had I taken steroids today. But I lied about that, too.
8. Jason Giambi switched my sample.
7. It's not like I was stealing DirecTV
6. Jose Canseco told me it was suntan lotion.
5. I contracted it from the Angels Rally Monkey, who is a host for steroids.
4. Have you ever been to Cooperstown in July? I won't have to now.
3. Somebody had to take the heat off Sammy Sosa.
2. I wear number 25 like Barry Bonds. I was just trying to live up to it.
1. Dude, it was totally second-hand steroids.

Hi, I was surfing the internet and here I am at your blog. I'm quite impressed , with how you have put it all together.

I'll be coming back again.


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