Thursday, October 13, 2005


Rejected Slogans for the Vikings Team Cruise

10. Come join the Vikings with host, Joe Francis.
9. Come see Onterrio Smith's "Whizzinator."
8. I'm Ron Mexico, and I approve of this cruise!
7. Each room comes with DirecTV, compliments of O.J. Simpson.
6. Our deep-tissue message parlor is approved by Jerry Rice.
5. Book now and receive discounted tickets for the Super Bowl from coach Mike Tice.
4. Come party like one of hthe Bush Twins/Humidor hosted by Bill Clinton (for both sides of the isle).
3. Out staff of dedicated professionals will take down your bed ... and your pants.
2. Score more on the open seas than the Vikings do on the football field.
1. Brad, Marcus, Spencer: Come look at our Johnsons!

Add your own in the comments section.

Bonus: If 343-pound Bryant McKinnie can get some, so can you!
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