Thursday, October 13, 2005


Last and Ten Reasons Dolphins Rookie Manuel Wright was Crying at Practice This Week

10. Much like CSI Miami, the Dolphins are a second-rate franchise.
9. Coach Saban said the 2003 LSU Tigers would have whipped USC.
8. Dolphins still pay full price at Shula’s Steakhouse.
7. He just found out OJ would not be able to get him free Sunday Ticket.
6. Was told that the original Flipper passed away years ago.
5. Have you ever seen the Dolphins practice on offense? You would cry, too.
4. Found out his NFL contract paid him less than he was earning at USC.
3. After one day of training camp, he was already tired of hearing about the 1972 Dolphins.
2. He did not hold the laces out.
1. He was not crying, his eyes watered after he hot boxed with Ricky Williams.

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