Thursday, October 13, 2005


Last and Ten Tom Brady Revelations

10. Uses his left hand while searching for porn, if you know what we mean.
9. Leaves the toilet seat up.
8. Hits on girls by claiming that he is really Matt Damon.
7. Let O.J. hook him up with free DirecTV.
6. Refuses to rewind his videos.
5. Once let it slip during a Republican fundraiser that he thought Hillary Clinton was a hottie.
4. Once took a penny, but did not give one.
3. Was the youngest one in curls.
2. He hates Ben Affleck, too.
1. Yeah, the tuck rule is kind of dumb.

Tucked away: Did the nose guard dive/sack on Super Tecmo Bowl; Drinks milk straight from the carton; Does not tip the Domino's delivery boy; Shakes hands like a girl -- Mikey Two Beers; Thinks kickers are wimps -- M2B.

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