Thursday, October 13, 2005


Last and Ten ways Terrell Owens can regain his popularity with Eagles teammates:

10. Help Donovan McNabb’s mom carry in all the Chunky Soup from the car.
9. “I love T.O.” shirts for everybody.
8. Free passes to the Dukes of Hazard.
7. Have O.J. set the whole team up with DirecTV.
6. Get another ABC star, Kelly Monaco, to drop her towel before a Monday Night Football game.
5. Star making out with Katie Holmes in public.
4. Give into the tension and kiss Jeff Garcia right on the mouth.
3. Make up with Coach Andy Reid by dating his daughter, Tara.
2. Join the cast of Rock Star: INXS.
1. Shut up and play football.

Close but no cigar: Free DVDs of T.O.’s Driveway Abs.; Free leotards for everybody; Show up shirtless every day. Oops, that was how he can regain his popularity with Jeff Garcia.

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