Thursday, October 13, 2005


Last and Ten Signs You Have a Bad Quarterback

10. Continues to overthrow Randy Moss.
9. Instead of film study, it’s season one of Lost on DVD.
8. Fans wistfully recall Charlie Batch era.
7. First name is two initials in a town made famous by running back with two initials
6. Brian Billick is your coach.
5. Replaced by mascot, nobody notices.
4. Daddy picks which team you play for.
3. Even the Lions would not sign you.
2. You go down, the crowd cheers.
1. Dude from Survivor looks more appealing.

On the bench: One word: Eli; appeared on the Bachelor; Mary Kate Olsen rejects you; cannot hold your MGDs; nick named after a reptile; John Madden does not fall all over you in praise. Props to fan, FunBunch838791 for helping out with the list.

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