Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Last and Ten Reasons of the T.O. "Incident:"

10. He hates your fantasy team.
9. Tired of Barbaro getting all of the “near-death” coverage.
8. Jealous that Donovan McNabb took Dante Stallworth for a Pat’s cheesesteak last year.
7. The self-inflicting dose was given by Columbian drug dealers.
6. Saw Nicollette Sheridan’s bare breast as a member of the Eagles, now he only gets to see Bill Parcell’s naked rack.
5. If it looks like a suicide attempt, walks like a suicide attempt and talks like a suicide attempt…
4. Coming back from just a broken leg is so 2004.
3. Beats practicing with Drew Bledsoe.
2. At least nobody has talked about how much he has sucked for the Cowboys this year.
1. ESPN reported it as a suicide attempt; T.O. claims he “just changed his mind about living.”

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