Friday, March 24, 2006


Last and Ten: Duke Excuses

10. More time for Leave it to Beaver. Reruns.
9. Hey, that wasn't Dale Brown coaching LSU.
8. We beat Southern. I think we proved ourselves.
7. J.J. killed our chances like O.J. killed... ah, nevermind.
6. We started a pre-teen (Paulus), a special needs guy (Williams), and a player suffering from cramps (Manning). We actually exceeded expectations.
5. It gives us more time to watch our overrated coach peddle crap on TV.
4. Bryant Gumbel said we were too "nordic."
3. You mean we have to play a Top 20 team in tournament? Not fair.
2. Our Lacross team isn't the only one that chokes.
1. So we lost. It's only 20 more weeks until Billy Packer and Dick Vitale pick us to win it all!

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