Saturday, July 15, 2006


Last and Ten Revelations In the Michael Strahan Divorce

10.Only athlete in America jealous of Kris Benson and Doug Christie’s marriages.
9. Michael cried during the part in Pretty in Pink where the red head gets her dream guy.
8. Michael voted for Taylor Hicks during American idol.
7. She won't have her boyfriend bring her the sunglasses she left behind in a restaurant.
6. Michael constantly flirts with Ed "Guns" Hochuli. That's why the Giants get all the calls.
5. Michael got marriage advice from Charlie Sheen.
4. Michael went to a Madonna concert with Ozzie Guillen.
3. Michael may get plastic surgery, but even he must admit the Manning bros are sissies.
2. Michael wanted Brett Favre to take a different kind of dive for him.
1. He is the father of Katie Holmes baby.

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